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Turning Adversity Into Growth

Presentation Description:
The COVID-19 pandemic upended everything and created experiences we could never have imagined. Work, home, school, leisure. It all impacts your social, professional, personal, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Many of us have experienced various stages of crises due to the emotional outcomes of enduring COVID-19. For some, it is a normal response for those affected to recall and relive a traumatic event, which is characteristic of post-traumatic stress. In contrast, when recollections are no longer precipitated by the trauma, but rather are directed by the individual, deliberate reflection can facilitate post-traumatic growth. In this webinar, let’s discuss what can lead employees into psychological trauma. We will also discuss how to respond to and interpret the trauma to facilitate and foster post-traumatic growth at work.

Session participants will understand:

  • What causes psychological trauma
  • The emotive responses to trauma and COVID-19
  • Understanding post-traumatic growth
  • How to foster post-traumatic growth in your department, your colleagues, your employees, and most importantly, yourself
  • Building resilience and prioritizing self-care

About our speaker:

Heather Rabin, Ph.D., Senior Advisor – Well-being; Professional Development Southwest Division, Dignity Health, Common Spirit Health

Dr. Heather Rabin has worked in the field of organizational psychology as a physician and healthcare professional coach for over 18 years. Although her passion is working with healthcare professionals and leaders, Dr. Rabin’s expertise is coaching nurses, physicians, residents, advanced practice providers and healthcare teams. Dr. Rabin offers powerful interventions that build personal and professional success and produce long term results. Using organizational psychology methodology and coaching, Dr. Rabin simplifies complex issues and provides individuals and groups the tools they need to achieve optimal, sustained results and accelerate their development to achieve their highest potential. Dr. Rabin’s particular expertise includes burnout assessment, treatment and prevention, as well as techniques for behavior modification, improved communication and leadership development. She is a national presenter, and a content expert in communication, burnout treatment and prevention, conflict resolution, compassion fatigue awareness, and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Rabin earned a Bachelor of Psychology at Arizona State University, at Northern Arizona University she earned a Master of Education and a Master of Psychology. Dr. Rabin earned Ph.D. of Organizational Psychology at Rushmore University, conducted research on the practice and outcomes of providing emotional support to healthcare professionals, and most recently, she completed the Chief Wellness Officer Course at Stanford Medical School.

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